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Kayenje C/U is a government funded school in Butambala Distirct, central Uganda. The school was founded in 1903 as a church founded school by the Christians of the area to instill christian values among children of the area. Over time, we have developed into a school for children of all faiths and we have been commended as being one of the most diverse schools in the district.

Kayenje C/U currently has 758 pupils enrolled who are served by 12 qualified teachers. Both pupils and staff believe in our motto 'Work For Progress', whereby working cohesively, we will be able to see a progression in the lives of the children within our community.

Kayenje C/U is defined by our characteristics of motivation, character and diversity. We have proven to be more motivated than ever, having achieved our best ever Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results ever in 2017. Not only is the school diverse in their staff and pupils, but we have also shown tremendous diversity in our curriculum. Kayenje C/U is known in Butambala as one of the leading arts and sports primary schools.

The last few years at Kayenje C/U have been extremely exciting with the development of relationships with NGOs such as Project Trust, Just a Drop, The Anchor Foundation, Edinburgh Development Group, Our Book Buddy and 4-H Million Trees Project. We would like to send our gratitude to these organisations for the fantastic work they have done within our school and the wider community. Nevertheless, we at Kayenje believe that future is more important than the past and we must strive in whatever way possible to continue our fantastic development. The path to progress is not always simple, but by staying determined and united we can achieve great things for the children of Kayenje.

"To produce productive citizens who are literate, can communicate well, healthy and are good members of their families, community and nation"

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