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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Classroom Construction

The remote location and lack of government funding means that Kayenje students are exposed to learning in poor quality classrooms. Most classrooms are extremely small meaning that students learn in an overcrowded environment. The lack of space has a detrimental effect for both teachers and students as both begin to feel uncomfortable, anxious and unable to perform. Moreover, most classrooms are quickly becoming nothing more than debris as some have been standing without maintenance since the 1950's.

Whether it is an upgrade, restoration or reconstruction of our classrooms, any help will greatly improve the lives of the students and staff of Kayenje.

Orphan Sponsorship

Uganda is a country extremely troubled by the HIV/AIDS epidemic aswell as other diseases such as Tuberculosis. Whilst the situation is improving, with infection rates coming down, there are visible effects in the country.  HIV/AIDS, especially, has created a 'lost middle' within Ugandans society, with many people aged 25-40 having lost their lives to the disease. This has caused many children of Uganda's present day youth to be orphans, and the children of Kayenje are no exception. Orphans at Kayenje are often without basic materials such as pens, pencils and exercise books, let alone shoes to prevent them from being infected by jigger bugs.

Any small financial assistance can provide orphans with learning material, shoes and uniforms which will improve their education and thus help them to succeed in their lives.

P7 Classroom

Provision of Water

Arts and Sports equipment

At Kayenje C/U, we are extremely passionate about sport and music. Over the years we have gained a reputation for being the leading government school in the region for extra-curricular activities. However, with a government grant which barely covers the cost of chalk, we are unable to invest in the necessary equipment to maintain our high standards in sports and music.

Small assistance in this field can help the school maintain it's high standards and help students receive a varied and fulfilling education. 

The community of Kayenje is one which needs to fight each day against the struggles of poverty. We believe that a strong and developed universal primary education school will help cure the areas poverty. Nevertheless, currently the infrastructure at the school is in deterioration, many students can not even afford school books and teachers are left overstretched with virtually no teaching materials. Education really is the key to cutr poverty. If you think you can assist us in any way, in any size or form, please do not hesitate.

Find out here the areas which Kayenje C/U desperately need assistance and how you can help:

In rural Uganda, the provision of water is extremely unreliable. During the dry season, students and staff have to travel two kilometres to collect enough water to provide for the basic needs of the school. This journey is dangerous, time consuming and tiring and thus has a detrimental effect on student’s learning. 

The construction of boreholes or water tanks would help to alleviate this situation and improve the overall learning in the school. Even advice or assistance on how to manage our water supplies more effeciently would be great help to us.


Kayenje C/U Primary School is a strong believer in an interconnected world and that solutions to our problems are best achieved when we try and reach out to our global partners. We have enjoyed a positive relationship with volunteers for several years and they have proven to be a great help, especially in teaching English, Maths and Extra-Curricular activities.

Kayenje has received volunteers from NGOs, but is also extremely welcoming to independent volunteers choosing to work individually, in a partnership or as a group. Kayenje C/U is understaffed, therefore, despite their best efforts, teachers sometimes struggle to provide the necessary attention that each child requires and deserves. Even the smallest amount of assistance goes a long way at Kayenje C/U.

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