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Since 2010, we have been very fortunate at Kayenje C/U to receive the assistant of diverse, enthusiastic and committed volunteers. Read here first-hand accounts how volunteers have helped Kayenje and how their lives have been changed through their experiences in Kayenje.

Thomas Richardson


Of all the things I saw and did during my 11 months in Uganda, I loved the kids of Kayenje the most. Working in a country really lets you get under the skin of the people, and what better way to experience the culture than through the children? I still call them MY kids, and I was THEIR teacher. When you look at the rundown buildings, the poverty stricken families, and the general poor state of things, it’s hard to imagine that love that fills every inch of that place. It’s no exaggeration that I felt loved by these people, from the time my brother Ssembajwe James washed my clothes for me (without me asking) because I was too busy in church, to the time my student Kiwumulo Florence gave me a sweet potato and told me I was “her best friend”. I could fill a book talking about how amazing each of my 130 students were (and in fact I did, my diary makes for very emotional reading). The teachers too; Madam Rachel of primary 3 adopted Will (A friend I volunteered with) and I as nephews, and our ‘senga’ or auntie would bring us food, charcoal and other gifts. It’s crazy how you can leave a place like that having given them 11 months of your life and still feel like they gave you more. The headmaster Wilson Wabalanda is an inspiring man, the kind of man that you like to quote when giving advice, and is dedicated to improving the school. He has the bigger picture in mind and knows what the school needs and will make it happen if given the chance. It’s no coincidence that the 4 volunteers that have lived here so far cannot recommend it enough! Visit Kayenje, help this amazing school, feel the love, or if you can’t get out there (in which case my heart goes out to you) donate generously, I can promise it won’t go to waste.


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